UNICORN premiered in 2012. Questions guiding the project:

Can our rehearsal structure/process direct all aspects of the work?

Can we occupy ourselves in a way that enables the dance to make itself? (a dance we could not design AND that could not happen without clear intention.)


Can we go slow and always change … without stalling in repetition or skipping ahead when a direction is implied?

Can we begin without anticipation and break without trailing?

Can we never find anything? (Never land in discovery.)

How are we seeing each other and being influenced by each other?

Background story:
I made a collage for no one and no reason. At some point I realized the sewing, seams, and methods of adhesion that were visible on the back were much more interesting than the considered design on the front. These accidental marking could not be made without the intended design of the front. I want to make this dance. How can I recreate this process in performance so that the audience sees the bi-product, the back of the canvas, only created as a result of attending tediously to the front. Can we devise a dance-making process that is similarly back-becoming-front?

Another background story:
The cast is persons who have been part of a weekly practice group called LIVE that was instigated in 2007. We build on that rich history of practice, influence, and listening with each other.