Solo project with Sara Shelton Mann

Hybrid7/an ever never animal meets mud loves love

This evening of dance by master artist Sara Shelton Mann is part of The Eye of The Leo Series. It is a collaborative series of solos for San Diego based dance artists Anya Cloud and Leslie Seiters with live directing by Sara.

Solos were created through self-inquiry, archetypal research and conversation. So now is the time from the heart. It is radically alive and poetic. It is a puzzle without a beginning or end. The work functions as both facade and transparency, to look through and listen into. Imagine what the performers will do next, and what they are thinking. Watch in retrograde. Form is relentless. Enjoy.

Solo 1: an ever never animal
The frame is so wide it is barely perceivable. She is ready and finished and making a case for disorder. Exactly. She cuts everything she needs out of light. There is no where but air.

Solos 2: mud loves love
It is thigh deep. The task is to find my feet. Sustained invisibility creates hyper visibility. The tips of my fins and wings come out from hiding.The earth is moving

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